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Who We Are

Gulu Churchill Courts Hotel Limited is a family owned-professionally managed company limited by shares that was incorporated in November 2002 and started operations with an initial 12 rooms, In December 2008 it officially expanded to a 38-room capacity hotel which has been a professionally managed hotel over the last 13 years. The company was formed to provide services relating to the hotel industry inclusive of conference facilities, lodging, bar, restaurant and health club. Over the years, the company has built a reputation with its hotel in Gulu as the hotel of first choice for both locals and international visitors. As a family-owned business, we want our guests to join our community and enjoy a uniquely warm piece of Ugandan hospitality.Churchill Courts Hotel will go above and beyond to make you feel a part of a family and a better community.

At GCCH, we are still growing and truly appreciate all your support.

Our Story

Over 20 years of war in northern Uganda left the region in total ruins. Many lives were lost and millions more displaced. There were no jobs or infrastructure to anchor growth and create employment. The future of young people was left shaky. It was certain that the responsibility to rebuild our community and empower its people would rest heavily on us – the survivors. Established in 2002, Gulu Churchill Courts Hotel (GCCH) would in 2006 take a loan from the East African Development Bank, we were able to expand and transform from a three-bedroom Bungalore into a 38 bed-hotel that today employs over 60 staff with half of them women.

In addition to training and building the capacity of local people and increasing job opportunities in a post-war northern Uganda, we also emphasise our values in sustainability. Our chefs use all Ugandan produce, supporting farmers and local markets in Gulu and the neighbouring districts. are so proud to watch GCCH grow over the years and welcome intrepid travelers, business guests and visitors a-like from all around the world.

We are also in proximity to some of the best game parks in Africa. Murchison falls national park and Kidepo Valley National parks which are located 1 hour and 3 hours drive from Gulu respectively.