Gulu Churchill Courts have we have three (3) conference rooms namely;
the Opio Lukone, Kyoga and Lyech Halls which cater for up to 300 delegates and can be subdivided to cater for smaller meetings and events. Our Conference halls and meeting rooms are available for singular or multiple events such as your business meetings and conferences.

Our Halls can accommodate over 300 People with the addition of a new Hall, The Opio Lukone Hall.

Our Halls are Pre-configured to your requirements, Event Leader Table setup as required, Attendees Tables and chairs as specified, Whiteboards Flip-Charts and makers, Rooms with natural lighting, Large Separate Wash Rooms, Air Conditioning, Writing material, Tea and Coffee on Arrival.

Other Payable Services Available include L.C.D Projector at 150,000 UGX, P.A system at 150,000 UGX, Outside catering on Request, Cocktail Dinners on Request and  Barbeques on Request